Meet Workshop Director Marnie Greenberg

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By 1990 Dr. Yuen decided to take the Pain Gone Energetic Medicine course on the road. He began giving lecture/demonstrations at New Life Expos and Whole Health Expos around the country, then staying on in each city to offer the workshop. A few of his initial students were so grateful and moved by the effectiveness of the technique that they dedicated their careers to helping spread knowledge/acceptance of the technique and began traveling with Dr. Yuen from then on. One such woman, a phenomenally gifted intuitive healer/psychic, Marnie Greenberg, would come to be Dr. Yuen's top student/instructor, closest friend and business partner.

From toddlerhood, Marnie showed signs of having miraculous healing abilities of her own. When Marnie was three, her mother broke out in a severe case of hives. Six months of cortisone therapy produced no improvement. Her mother remembers, "She looked up at me and said, 'Just let me take the black out, Mommy,' and the hives cleared up immediately. I didn't know what she did, she just used her thought energy, her intention." As Marnie grew, so did her abilities. Soon it was apparent that the youngster had exceptionally strong psychic gifts as well. Information she claimed to receive from the deceased proved unerringly accurate and her talent for psychic readings had friends clamoring for her advice.

But at the age of 13, Marnie was diagnosed with advanced scoliosis, a painful, progressive, abnormal curvature of the spine, and by 16, needed excruciating spinal fusion surgery. The condition was somewhat improved, but she was left in chronic pain. Resolving to just live with it and move on, Marnie earned a Finance/Accounting Degree, then moved to Chicago to pursue a business career. But her healing/psychic abilities remained as strong as ever, and one day Marnie was visiting her brother, an ophthalmology resident at a prominent Chicago hospital, and agreed to give the Chief of Opthalmology a reading/healing. He was so moved by Marnie's abilities that he passionately petitioned her to abandon her business ambitions and pursue healing full time.

Marnie took him seriously and traveled the U.S. and abroad studying some of the world's most respected healers. She trained in a variety of alternative and energy healing techniques, including Touch For Health, pioneered by Dr. Thie, Love Yourself Heal Your Life taught by Louise Hay, the healing tao with Mantak Chia, and Tantra: the Power of Sexual Ecstacy with Margot Anand. Marnie familiarized herself with Reiki, N.E.T., Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Philippine Psychic Surgery, Hawaiian Healing, Yoga, and Meditation. Eventually she sought out Deepak Chopra for advanced study in personal enlightenment at the Chopra Center in San Diego, California.

There she met Roy Martina, an eminent neurosurgeon from Amsterdam who pioneered a healing technique called Neuro-emotional Integration after a broken neck left him unable to perform surgery. Marnie was so impressed by Martina's work that she traveled to Italy with him to study at his Academy. Her own abilities soon prompted the doctor to ask Marnie to be an assistant/instructor. She accepted, but in 1999, while assisting Martina with his technique at the Chopra Center, one of Dr. Yuen's workshop graduates demonstrated Yuen Energetics on Marnie. She was so intrigued she immediately set out to get a personal healing appointment with Dr. Yuen. It was to be a pivotal moment in her life.

Dr. Yuen went to work on Marnie and in 15 minutes the pain she had suffered with for 12 years disappeared forever. Marnie remembers, "I couldn't believe it. I had studied and tried just about every healing technique - and certainly every energy technique - out there. But the minute Dr. Yuen started making the energetic corrections I knew this was the most advanced technique on the planet and felt I should do whatever I could to bring it to others." She continues, "In Yuen Energetics, nothing was passed off as an excuse. The seriousness of the illness, how long it had lasted, the patient's belief or doubt in the techniques, all of these obstacles could be handled. Nor was there any attempt to focus all the glory on the healer. I had finally found a selfless way to help people at the deepest level."

Dr. Yuen recognized the strength of Marnie's gifts and happily accepted her offer to help promote the workshops. Marnie's superlative healing abilities, her dynamic presentation and organizational skills as seminar director and her unflagging commitment to Dr. Yuen's dream of bringing the technique to the masses has made her Dr. Yuen's closest protégé. The resulting partnership bridges the diverse cultures of ancient China and modern America to give their students/patients the best of all worlds.



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